Worthy Of Recognition

Yesterday has passed by. Was there a successful use of time in your efforts to achieve a better you? Have you been intentional with the execution and action steps to accomplish the critical tasks that support your personal growth and, ultimately, your goals? We all understand that time has no intention of slowing down for no individual and must be harnessed with efforts of personal growth, service, and mentorship.
Confucius, who lived from 551 to 479 B.C., was one of the most significant figures in the history of human thought. He believed that the cultivation of benevolence leads to self-mastery and, ultimately, right action. Confucius emphasized nobility. And he insisted this is a matter of behavior, not of birth. We become noble regardless of our station in life when we live according to valid values.

Good People Strengthen Themselves Ceaselessly

Don't worry that no one recognizes you. Instead, seek to be worthy of recognition. Approach each day with exemplary virtue. Be hard on yourself and less so on others. Rare are the individuals who can see their faults, losses and can hold themselves accountable. Attitude is the one factor we as individuals can control, and our behaviors should be a model for others. How? By seeing clearly, hearing keenly, speaking truthfully, and acting respectfully.

Good People Educate Themselves

Through learning, we engage in the quest for wisdom, always pointing toward improvement in action. Thus, knowledge leads to the development of a higher self. With understanding, however, comes the recognition that there is always more to learn. The opportunity you provide others by sharing your wisdom through your experiences, the good and the bad, with the correct action steps to prevail in the critical situations and how to use the suitable conditions to enter a state of flow, the essence of self-expression and grace to inspire others. Providing counsel and mentorship is a noble and courageous action step in offering your better natures.

Good People Nurture Character With Fruitful Action

Individuals that practice patience and stand on the foundation of humility have pleasant meaningful action steps. Virtue must always be expressed in action. It would be best if you were slow to speak but quick to act. The protection of your character requires your loyalty. Therefore, you must take intentional action steps with values intact. Relationships that can inspire and improve human life performance rely on trust and commitment. Trust that continued life learning is your path and the dedication and promise that you will be better today than yesterday in your growth and action steps as all your relationships demand that of you.

Have time work for you in all your relationships, business ventures, community outreach, and wellness desires with intentional action steps that allow you to experience life profoundly, with greater sensitivity and gratitude.

Unproductive Tool Box

There may be a hole to climb out, a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle, a divorce, a loss of a loved one, struggles in business, or financial hardship. However, we have the correct tools and steps to escape the pain and the destructive habits keeping you from reaching the state of flow and productivity to reach successful life outcomes.
Fill out the form below to receive the Unproductive Tool Box, Seven Intentional Steps to Escape Mediocre Actions. Lack fullness or the escape of time doesn't have to suffocate you, nor does the weight of the past need to keep you pinned down. Your courage and necessary actions can supersede these all.