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Fitness Impact (FI) is a unique Sports Performance and Wellness Company that integrates sports medicine and medical fitness with an un-parallel sports performance training system and cutting-edge sports science research. For over thirty years, FI has been elevating human performance and achievement. 

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No matter your goals, whether it be to lose a few pounds, regain strength after battling a life-threatening disease, improve your golf score, prepare for the most important interview of your life, the NFL Combine or to grow your company and strengthen your workforce. Fitness Impact provides professional services, trusted products, and exceptional partnerships to turn your goals into reality.

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With over thirty years of resilient and concentrated practice, FI has developed proven and tested sports performance systems for athletes from the professional level to youth, with regular fitness enthusiasts achieving profound results in human performance.


Excellence in delivery to the human touch point is often a loss in developing a strong workforce that can extend exuberant energy to compete at an elite level in business. FI Elite Team Building and business growth and stability systems have propelled our demand for businesses wanting to elevate their company's performance and workforce wellness.


We are transforming lives with expectations to eliminate human paradigms with expert knowledge, meaningful resources, and educational platforms by embracing strategies, systems, outstanding coaching, mentoring, and leadership. 



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