These athletes have been trained or are currently being trained by Mr. Washington and his professional team of coaches using the proven and tested Impact Performance Training System. Each athlete has dedicated themselves to their sport and more importantly to their families. 

Where you’re going in life is up to you - through your goal setting, your capacity to learn, your hard work and your determination to succeed.  

Professional Athletes

Jurrell Casey                Denver Broncos        (Pro Bowl Athlete)

JuJu Smith-Schuster    Pittsburgh Steelers 

Jayon Brown                Tennessee Titans 

Iman Marshall               Baltimore Ravens 

Josh Love                      Los Angeles Rams 

Desean Jackson           Philadelphia Eagles    (Pro Bowl Athlete)

Mercedes Lewis          Jacksonville Jaguars    (Pro Bowl Athlete)

Bryshon Nellum           Olympics                     (Gold Medal)

Isea Green                   Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Willie                  San Diego Chargers   

Winston Justice           Philadelphia Eagles     (Pro Bowl Athlete)

Pago Togafau              Arizona Cardinals

Darnell Bing                San Francisco 49ers 

Mark Washington       Arizona Cardinals

Manuel Wright            New York Giants

Terrance Austin          Washington Redskins

Donavan Warren        New York Jets

Kenny Row                 Arizona Cardinals

Travon Patterson        San Diego Chargers

Travionte Session       Oakland Raiders

Jeff Chase                   AFL Dallas Desperados

Marques Fennell         AFL Los Angeles Avengers

Vincent Joseph            AFL

Jackie Moore               Pro Basketball (Over Seas)

Crystal Johnson           Pro Basketball (Over Seas)

Ron Johnson                Pro Basketball (Over Seas)

Jourdan Munster         Pro Tennis

Brent Whitfield             MLS

David Bacani               MLB

Bobby Jones                NBA    

Leon Jackson               CFL

J Roc                            MMA

Gerald Baily (Spud)     MMA

Chuck Fame                MMA

Sunny Daye                 Fitness/Figure Model


Collegiate Athletes   

Desean Jackson           Cal Berkley (All American)

Kameron Jackson        Cal Berkley

Raymond Tago            Cal Berkley                 

Gary Doxy                    Cal Berkley                 

RJ Garrett                    Cal Berkley

Kaelin Clay                  Cal Berkley                             

Junior Fasavalu           New Mexico State     

Josh Hawkins               Organ State                

Julian Hawkins             Boise State                 

Howard Croom            Organ State                

Derrick Jones               University of Organ   

Kenny Rowe                University of Organ

Jonathan Smith Ju-Ju  USC (All American)

Roschon Prince           USC (2013 Gatorade High School Player of the Year -Basketball)    

Hershal Dennis            USC (All American)

Darnell Bing                USC (All American)

Winston Justice           USC (All American)                            

Alfred Rowe                USC                             

Travon Patterson        USC                             

Vincent Joseph            USC

Jurrell Casey                USC

Bryshon Nellum          USC (2006-07 Gatorade National Track Athlete of the Year)

Shana Woods              USC

Mercedes Lewis          UCLA (All American)

Randall Goforth          UCLA

Jayon Brown               UCLA

Sara Lambardo            UCLA (Soccer)

Kevin Brown                UCLA

Justin Brown               UCLA

Terrence Austin           UCLA

Stan McKay                 UCLA

David Skara                 UCLA

Eric Vaughn                 UCLA

Iuta Tepa                     UCLA

Millicent Olawale         Columbia University

Earnest Pettway          Villanova

Vaughn Telemaque     University of Miami

Herman Davidson       University of North Carolina

Lazarri Middleton        University of Nebraska

Jasmine Dixon             Rutgers University (2007-08 Gatorade Basketball Athlete of Year)

Mathew Row                Arizona State

Richard Smith              Arizona State

Salamo Fiso                 Arizona State

Joseph Redding           Arizona State

Kemonte Bateman       Arizona State

Conan  Amituanai        University of Arizona

David Price                   University of Arizona

Douglas Spacht            Fresno State

Raymond Washington  Fresno State

Isea Green                   Fresno State

Byron Davonport          University of Washington

Gerard Wicks               Washington State

Kevin Norell Jr.             Washington State

Sheldon Armstrong      Utah State

Cruz Parson                 Stone Hill University

Robert Buyckes           University of Huston

Travionte Session        University of Nevada

Michael Skvor              Malone University

Shelby Santizo             Malone University

Patrick Walker             Northern Colorado

Andrew Dunkly            Northern Colorado

Jeffery Johnson           Sacramento State

Torell Baker                 Sacramento State

Kevin Davis                 Sacramento State

Freddie Parish             Notre Dame

Tyler Pistoia                 University of Tulsa

Donavon Warren         University of Michigan

Hercules Satele           University of Hawaii

George Dailey-Lyles    University of Hawaii

Jordan Gross               Jackson State

Marcus Falanai           Minnesota State

Kristan Fujii                 New York University (Swimming)

Lauren Hirata              Carnegie Mellon University (Basketball)

Laronzo Bursey           UNLV

Theodisthree Scott      Ohio University

Ayrton Bates               Occidental College

Kenny Tuilomo            Stony Brook College

Robert Watson            Northern Arizona University

Chris Leachman          Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University

Alex Cannon                UC Davis

Manusamoa Luuga     UC Davis                                                               

Romeo Robinson         Stephen F. Austin State University                       

Matt Jones                  United States Ari Force Academy

Eric Roberson              University of Arkansas at Monticello

Jason Brown                Graceland University

Jeremiah Toloumu       Minnesota State University

Juwuan Brown             Southern Oregon University

Kessler Armbruster      Wabash College

Quintin Brown              UC San Diego

Ryan Goforth               San Jose State

Thomas Tucker           San Jose State

Jeremy Lutali               Portland State

Dabness Atkins            Holy Cross

Drew Ho                      Witter College

Suzy Tan                     Dartmouth College (Tennis)

Stacey Tan                  Stanford University (Tennis-All American at Stanford)    

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