Living With Mask Protection

The reality of the current COVID-19 environment has most people accepting the guidance of medical professional's advice to protect themselves and those they love by donning a protective face mask of some sort. The sacrifice of those on the front line of this epic battle has inspired and created space for people to be vulnerable, along with the subtle opening this unfamiliar time presents.

Most people, for the majority of their lives, have lived with a protection mask. This protection mask comes in the form of building a shield around their image or showing untruthful character traits. No-fault of their own, it's learned behaviors good or bad by parents, family, friends, and those they may associate with over the years. Encapsulated, in paradigms, these behaviors are masks people are living every day. This protection mask is surely for self-perseverance, cloaked to conform to society and cultural norms, so to adopt the least resistance life path. 

The burden of wearing a protective mask of this kind without fail is stressful, unhealthy, painful, and disloyal to one's life. Unlike the necessary protection face mask needed in this pandemic, utilizing a protective cover to shield you from all that life may bring, joyful or painful, is robbing you of all you can become. Being truthful to yourself, and having the courage to be vulnerable for your growth is necessary. Paradigms need removing, and the continued examination of your personal development and acceptance of space to create the life you desire is omnipotent. Freedom is in your ability to shed the comfort of the protection gear you have worn and relied on for safety. Allowing for your real character to shine without fear of prejudice, judgment, pain, or abandonment is free of all unsavory protection gear. Living with a protective face mask in this crisis is acceptable, but living with a protective veil that limits your abilities, skills, growth, and passions can't exist. 

Excelling at life and accepting all life has to offer, and living free of protection masks is a pure desire to establish real freedom and comfort in life. Fitness Impact Coaching Systems have delivered many people their precious lives back. Take off your protection mask with support and accountability; our professional coaches provide an excellent partnership to your deserving freedom. Move your life forward during this COVID-19 crisis; there is no time to waste.