Plant Your Flag

Have you planted your flag? The sides that our fellow Americans have chosen are clear. You can witness it on television, run into it within the very community that you live in, and may be subject to it in one of your favorite spots where the pain eludes one's thoughts, and freedom and self-expression never felt so good. The flag I speak of is planted in self-dedication to secure one's family rather than picking a side that has yielded its standards. I understand the need to participate in the current storm but taking your eye and attention off the larger picture does you a disservice and will collapse the life you have established thus far.

Plant your flag in substantial worth your family, excel in expectations, and deliver for the people that have stood firm and with conviction in your desires. There is something to be said for self-belief. It eludes the best of us but should be harnessed and present with daily strides to an extraordinary life. The only flag waived in this battle puts your family first. Establishing a rite of passage to an unshakeable foundation in which a flag can fly unencumbered, with the protection of a mote.

Gain the knowledge that will free you of the noise holding you back in your mind dismiss the paradigms that may have toiled with your life. Not allowing the mind to dream big can suppress any significant accomplishment given to us by The Lord, Buddha or whatever spirit instills a high standard in your life that allows you to stand firm for your family and loved ones. The work required in all areas of your life must be consistent and with meaning. That statement may be bewildering to some but let us look at it. Finances play a significant role in our lives, and most people are not learning how money works and how to hedge against the current economy. Or how to protect their family once taxes go up and go up, they will, the government is borrowing and stimulating the economy, so we will have to return the favor if you can call it that. So, you see, consistency and meaning in our life take on a different understanding. How do you secure your life without learning about financial literacy? The security, the mote we must build around our family’s life demands your attention to detail. Plant your flag and have the Courage to Be Great!


Has Financial Literacy Escaped You? Are You Living Without A Solid Financial Foundation and The Protection of a Mote?

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