TEARRANOZZ - Impact Performance Club
TEARRANOZZ - Impact Performance Club
TEARRANOZZ - Impact Performance Club
TEARRANOZZ - Impact Performance Club


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Girls & Boys 12-17 

Summer is the time to develop the elite athlete, and that's what we have done over the last couple of decades here at Fitness Impact. We have taken young girls and boys entrusted by parents to secure their young athletes to our knowledgable and caring team, allowing them to thrive in talents and skills with a leadership spine. 

Girls and boys aged 12 to 17 have benefited from this foundational, progressive, and intense three-week sports performance camp. We believe this essential and strategically designed camp will separate your young athlete from their peers. TEARRANOZZ cultivated over many years through sports science and sports medicine to achieve a crucial sports performance system deployed for short durations to create maximum athletic output to assure a high level of human physical performance, mental aptitude, and character resiliency. In addition, our performance coaches will teach and provide your youth athlete with the necessary—tools to excel in the upcoming sports year. 

Camp participants will see an immediate difference in training levels and intensity performance required to fulfill exercise and training tasks. Often mental fortitude will be the driving force throughout the program. TEARRANOZZ allows your athlete to shed inconsistency in preparation for competition and gain exceptional habits that stimulate a winning attitude. 


The investment you make here in your young athlete will significantly impact their life. TEARRANOZZ is an unmatched sports performance program. 

  • Three Weeks (12 sessions, 4 x weeks, 90-120 min.)
  • Professional coaching
  • Injury prevention protocols 
  • Athletic skills enhancement that transfers to the court or field
  • Running and strength training biomechanics 
  • Physical and mental testing requirements 
  • Sports nutrition seminar and nutrition book with a grocery shopping list
  • Sports supplements 
  • Recovery and regeneration protocols
  • Camp certificate of completion (an invite to attend FI Sports Performance Training Academy)
  • Camp swag 

    Two Sessions {Phase 1 &  Phase 2}


    Junipero Ave, and Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA,

    We meet down the hill at the parking lot 15 minutes before the start time.  

    Phase 1- June 13th - July 2nd

    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday @ 7 am)          All American Performance Prep

    Phase 2- July 11th - July 30th

    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday @ 7 am)  Impact Performance Elite