Speed Skill Safety (SSS) - Impact Performance Club
Speed Skill Safety (SSS) - Impact Performance Club
Speed Skill Safety (SSS) - Impact Performance Club

Speed Skill Safety (SSS)

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Summer Youth Sports Training

Girls/Boys Ages 7-12 All Sports

Online Program


Safety from injury should be the number one concern in developing a sound foundation for youth athletes. Our Speed Skills Safety (SSS) program touches all bases when building a foundation for young athletes. Injuries are part of sports, but there are procedures and protocols in sports science, sports medicine, and the correct sports performance training system that can help minimize sports injuries in your young athlete. SSS is crucial in providing your young athlete with tools that will enable them to have confidence in competition, knowing structural body imbalances have been corrected, and running mechanics and agility have been acquired. In addition, body awareness, balance, and physical and mental condition are infused. Our SSS sports training program has enlightened many parents and their young athletes about the 'Cylinder Foundation' concept used with our elite and professional athletes. This concept has kept young athletes free of injury and excelled their sports performance. 

SSS is an online Fitness Impact application program. Training programs will be specific to your young athlete's sport. This four-week program will provide education and simple instructions to understand with videos to aid proper biomechanics and focus.   

When you invest in your young athlete, you will be sent a link to join the Fitness Impact Training Application. Once we receive your return notice, the FI App will be open so your athlete and professional performance coach can get started.

Register now as space is limited, and FI App will be closed.

  • Four weeks SSS sports training program (3 sessions a week)
  • Sports specific training, skills, safety
  • Strength training biomechanics  
  • Running mechanics and speed development 
  • Stretching and recovery protocols
  • Nutrition book, grocery shopping list, pre and post-game meals
  • One virtual meeting with performance coach, full app access to coach
  • Elevate your athlete's sports performance 
  • Opportunity to continue training during the school year.
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and working with your young athlete.