Mind Agility Leadership Zone - Impact Performance Club
Mind Agility Leadership Zone - Impact Performance Club
Mind Agility Leadership Zone - Impact Performance Club

Mind Agility Leadership Zone

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Talents are given to us all, but how we harness those talents that will lead to unmatched skills must formulate in our minds. Moreover, proper, practical application of mental space often lends itself to meaningful habits required to facilitate successful outcomes during competitive environments. Mind Agility Leadership Zone is exactly what athletes with grand ambitions attend to acquire the tools to function in the sports and academic competitive fields at an exceptionally high level. 

Mind Agility Leadership Zone is a 45-60 minute virtual workshop providing student-athletes with the tools to function exceptionally well over the next five weeks. The requirements in this program drive young athletes to excel when adopted, and corrective actions are taken. Intentional disciplines change young athletes' lives after attending this program, and it will do that for your student-athlete. 

Leadership is often believed to lead another person or group to move an agenda forward. However, that is not a classic move we teach. Instead, leadership creates the person you want to be. It forms critical disciplines to achieve a high character state, allowing others to develop behind the one with great nature to fulfill magnificent tangible aspirations. 

Entering The Zone:

  • Zone Sessions (5) 45-60 minutes of virtual lessons
  • Goal journey expectations
  • Leadership personal growth materials
  • Character worthy intensity 
  • Disciplined habits
  • Mind care
  • Grateful time
  • Humility is self-care 
  • Certificate of Leadership  

As you take the next step and register your student-athlete into the Mind Agility Leadership Zone, we assure you this investment will serve your family well. Your student-athletes significant discipline and growth over the five weeks will be curated from the foundation you have formed. 


Zone Sessions Are Conducted @ NOON PST Sundays So As Not To Take Away From Practice, Games, School, Or Service.