Here is a list of HEALTH BENEFITS that each product of IMPACT CELL LLC provides.

Produces oxygenation and equilibrium to the cell
Balances pH in the body to reach homeostasis environment
Increases cellular respiration
Speeds athletic recovery and helps remove lactic acid to boost performance
Boosts immune system
Increases T-cell numbers and activity
Dissolves infectious bacteria, fungi, mold, and parasites
Disrupts viruses
Naturally suppresses hunger because of the absorption of sufficient micro-nutrients
Aids in weight management
If used topically, successfully treats rashes, acne, burns, cold sores, minor cuts and bruises.

IMPACT SILICA  {Impact Cell proprietary blend inside Impact Silica}
Aids in calcium management of the bones, joints, and soft tissues
Strengthens connective tissues and supports like joints, ligaments, and muscles
Strengthens bones through calcium absorption
Supports cardiovascular
Strengthens teeth and gums
Aids stomach and digestive disorders by rebuilding the lining in the G.I. tract
Enhances the immune system
Promotes and maintains healthy skin tissue
Stimulates the regrowth of damaged skin tissue helpful in wound and burn healing
Aids in collagen formation essential to thinning hair, brittle nails, and dry skin
Aluminum elimination enhancement helpful in Alzheimer’s

Sharpens mental awareness
Prevents fat storage and increases exercise ability
Reduces mental and physical fatigue
Prevents factors that lead to blood clots
Regulates metabolism
Helps the body cope with daily stress
Improves mood
Decreases anxiety by natural producing serotonin
Helps in weight management by serving as a natural appetite suppressant


Prevents the common cold, helps the body absorb iron for red blood cell production Type II Collagen also aids in wound healing, hair growth and healthy nails. Anti-inflammatory properties, acts as a powerful natural painkiller. Cushions joints used for osteoarthritis and joint pain and muscle pain. Strengthens bones and prevents fractures. Aids in anemia and symptoms of PMS. Stimulation of breakdown of fats and proteins necessary for normal body functions.  

Encourages protein synthesis
Slows the production of cortisol, which the a stress hormone that stops muscle growth
Fills the body with needed calories after workout
Allows for muscles to rebuild
High in protein and less filling than solid food
Contains glutathione which is an antioxidant vital to a healthy immune system