The Women's Body Missing Ingredient

The missing ingredient for surging up the women's powerful body, Silica can provide several advantages for women's bodies. It is a vital trace mineral naturally abundant in the body and crucial for maintaining healthy connective tissues, such as skin, hair, and nails. According to research, silica supplements may improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, strengthen hair and nails, and promote wound healing and optimal collagen synthesis. A study conducted in 2005 also demonstrated that consuming 10 mg of Silica improved sun-damaged skin in women. To learn more about this study, please visit Including silica-rich foods like whole grains, beans, nuts, and green leafy vegetables in your diet or taking a silica supplement can benefit women's health. To help reduce inflammation and fight various diseases, we have introduced Impact Silica, a Pure Ionic Silica supplement with potassium. Many women have reported feeling incredible after adding Impact Silica to their diet, citing softer, more hydrated skin, stronger hair with less hair loss, and healthier growth in both hair and nails. Less puffiness in the face so as not to look tired or weathered.
The focus Impact Cell, a Natural Performance Supplement Company dedicated to extending significant research in their bio-hacking performance lab, has allowed for a superior resource in this vital trace mineral Silica giving women and their families comfort in living in a wellness state with health being the overall goal.
Discover the power of Impact Silica.
Women, or anyone, should always consult their healthcare provider before starting any new supplements or making significant changes to their diet.