An unclaimed life seeks betterment in health, relationships, employment advancement, or business growth, with family security at the center of all thoughts. But, unfortunately, the urgency to maintain personal growth is lost on most people because they have forfeited their life to others and succumbed to life thorns that tear the fabric of our greatness that needs to illuminate while you grace this earth. The ease of handing over your significance to meaningless things or people that don't deserve your time or service is what often happens but at no fault of our own. This common mistake of self-neglect is part of the human makeup. Let me explain it, starting with our influential, extraordinary minds.

Here in January, people will set new years resolutions to improve life in areas in which they feel a lack of significance exists. A high percentage of these people are working on the things they have tried to command order for years, some for decades. But, unfortunately, these people will only write the same January story for not confronting their nemeses. The mind offers distractions, and it comes in the way of fear. Most people fear and shelter themselves from greatness and significance in any area of life. To claim life requires an unyielding, relentless appetite for personal growth, conquering self-awareness, and arriving with humility and a high standard of character with profound values. Gathering your mind in the mental cortex enables control of emotions. It can stimulate the development of powerful synapses for complex and creative thought for critical dominance in all live performances.

Begin with a foundation of vital importance. The mind works for excellence that enables combustion in all areas, proper health and wellness, exceptional relationships, entrepreneurial spirit for employment advancement, increased business profits, and brand strength. To claim your worth and expand your influence that extends your power with overwhelming grace to stand in significance and greatness. Ask yourself if you will write the same story as years past or move with conscious thought and consideration to have the courage to be great with the life given and the short time offered in this life.

A lite walk on your journey is simple and without reward, but the uncomfortable journey in areas of life has the most impact and prizes in the end. Without a doubt, growth through painful circumstances, situations, or challenges has elevated people's live performances to places only dreamed of but very much deserving of. A disciplined mind with correct habits and self-belief is essential, with proper playbooks for high-level performance in areas of life in which you would like to establish greatness or profound significance. Declaring a romance with your mind, determination, persistence, and outstanding work ethic are needed to consistently win life each day without fear or lack of conscious strength. So give your January story a look and find successful tools, systems, strategies, and partnerships that provide significant life elevation.

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