In the unfamiliar territory of constant change and instability, this is no time to have the guard in place. We all have a guard that is willing to play a significant role in our lives and dictate our actions. The guard I speak of his mighty pride. Pride is exceptional in its power to limit human potential and sabotage our character if we stand idle. Satisfaction by design is to protect us from pain and discomfort, so at any given time, those weak wield pride like a sword determined to protect one's life.

The protection pride provides simple to recognize in this turbulent time of COVID-19 Pandemic. You are asking for help or support after, for most of your life, you have established a way of life for you and your loved ones. If for a second before coming to the point of asking you were overwhelmed by emotions, this was you uncomplicated having a long conversation with the guard at the door protecting you from embarrassment or any pain that main come your way. Even worse, maybe you have been mandated by the guard to stand alone and proceed forward in this uncertain time by yourself. Either way, there has to be a crossing of the threshold to eradicate pride, just as the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Suppressing pride, allowing yourself to be open to those things that push your boundaries of comfort, allows for growth in all areas of your life but develops your character in a way that gives you full control. There is a refreshing feeling an acceptable emotion that comes when you can remove the guard of pride out of the equation life becomes much more manageable. We, as humans, aren't designed to function independently from society and the community it provides. Being able to be vulnerable and let your guard down and accept help and support shows the strength of your character. Authenticity, along with trustworthiness, shines brightly without the interruption of pride. Ushering these two most important character traits into your life with the absence of the pride guard gives you freedom because you genuinely know who you are. In this atmosphere of COVID-19 Pandemic and the threat it brings to us all, I believe we all do ourselves a favor helping and supporting one another through these trying times absent of pride.