The Big Dance

The fitness industry has grown a great deal over the past ten years, with people looking to lead more healthy lifestyles and the explosion of the tech industry. The growth of the industry has demanded changes in certification regulations, programming advancements, and business operational systems. The growth of the sector has born social media fitness gurus, adopted celebrities as health experts, and even embraces the novice fitness goer to share advice and lead a community. All that has arrived with the growth of the fitness industry has been great and well and most defiantly understandable. 

The Big Dance has been Fitness Impact's understanding for more than twenty years. Our preparations in all aspects of leadership have allowed us to impact lives. It has never been about your aesthetics, the workout, or our ability to foster the best in you to show up, but rather The Big Dance that would ask us to get on the dance floor. The Big Dance we speak of is an event like our current situation, the COVID-19 Pandemic. This dance floor wasn't something foreseen by us. We don't claim to be Nostradamus, but the understanding of loss, tragic and deadly situations is part of life, and sooner or later, life and all that it is would come to ask you to dance the expressive dance.

Our systems over the past twenty-plus years have been here to ratify that your dance steps would be worthy of the dance floor provided you. We were asking you as a young kid to sit in front of the classroom and be astute. As a young adult being asked to face your fears and made to be uncomfortable for long periods during training sessions, or as a working professional to overcome personal doubt and to nudge you to pursue a job advancement, whatever the case self-leadership being the foundation of all systems and our hope for you. Leading the steps on the dance floor would have to be acceptable to get thought the dance with any kind of certainty. 

Fitness Impact and our team have challenged you in one way or another to formulate the correct dance steps so you could dance, lead on the dance floor and express the leadership developed by the commitment to dance. The pressure excepted and the obedience to exceptional partnership concerning leading has set a solid foundation. With a solid foundation, adaptability is more easily accessible, and the rhythm of your dance steps are always flowing if every resilience was more critical in this current COVID-19 environment. The existing dance floor is enormous and presents the opportunity to put your best foot forward and lead and dance your most elegant dance yet. 

Your next dance step is critical to get off on the right note to allow for exceptional partnership. Our leadership coaches will kindly dance this enormous dance with you. Please fill out the form below to get the dancing started.