Frozen Fatigue Syndrome

Most people would never even consider Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a thing to factor into their lives until this current environment of stay at home brought about by COVID-19. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome people experience in regular times often come about after having a viral infection study show. Suspicious viruses include Epstein-Barr virus, human herpesvirus 6, and mouse leukemia viruses. The viral infection and the relation to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be understood by most people once considered. The situation of COVID-19 has brought about a different type of fatigue syndrome to the majority of people's lives and not due to direct viral infection but by way of isolation, fear, and significant change to life. 

The fatigue syndrome we speak we coined many years ago and is fitting for the current experience most people across the country are feeling Frozen Fatigue Syndrome. Frozen Fatigue Syndrome, termed for those people struck by bad misfortunes brought about by life and paralyzed mentally over time. We were having seen this Frozen Fatigue Syndrome in battered women, those that have lost loved ones and lost everything in disasters, men and women coming home after years in combat, and so on. Once misfortune hits emotions, self-talk and life structure come into play, and while we are resilient beings, positive mental attitude plays a significant role. The trick is having to deal with a bad situation for the long haul with a positive mental attitude to continue to move life forward with confidence and courage to be excellent despite sustained life pressure. Without the power to summons this courage to move life forward, Frozen Fatigue Syndrome is sure to encapsulate experience during people's most trying and challenging times in life.

Frozen Fatigue Syndrome that most people are experiencing today is due to that majority of people's lives have been put on hold. Lives lost across the country, people losing their livelihoods, fear, and stay at home orders. These factors, along with others, contribute to this Frozen Fatigue Syndrome, where life and ambitions are install frozen in time. Suspended in time with and unfamiliar pressures and changes to life can provide a pathway to negative self-talk and doubt leading to paralyzation. Some people have no ambition in life and are comfortable with their lives as it is; this is something other than Frozen Fatigue Syndrome. Having goals and dreams and not being able to pursue those dreams and having a mental fog taking over your life is the Frozen Fatigue Syndrome that is present in people's lives today. 

It is human nature to survive. With the current situation at everyone's doorstep, either you feel the Frozen Fatigue Syndrome where life and ambitions have escaped you these last couple of months, and you have settled in accepting what comes next with an array of negative self-talk and doubt. And with the urgency to get the stay at home orders over. Or you have taken this great opportunity to stand tall with the power inside you to push life forward towards your ambitions and dreams. Reinventing yourself by way of positive self-talk and massive action and positioning for what is to come next—moving with the courage to be excellent in the situation presented, becoming better under the circumstances—allowing the stay at home orders to work in your favor. Sure there is fatigue from staying in the house the last couple of months, but this shouldn't be mixed-up with Frozen Fatigue Syndrome that is robbing time for personal growth and winning life strategies from people. Sitting still for a while is a double edge sword. It can bring on weariness or determination; there is no middle ground found here. 

Giving way to this current environment of COVID-19 and allowing Frozen Fatigue Syndrome to attack you even before the virus may enter your body is a recipe for pain and loss. The battle within you can be forged and won with personal growth and life strategies that excel in your skills and potentials. Our Impact Coaching Programs will nudge you to accept your failures and wins to get you to excellence by way of proven winning strategies.