Exercise Of Life

How do you exercise life without trust? Most people exercise life with no guidance. We all get stuck in an awful and acceptable domain. There is no fault pointed at any individual. We all have been programmed in a manner that leads to fear. First, genetic makeup and our instinct to survive, and second, through learned behaviors society shows us. Risk is a factor that appeases fear most potently and distinctively. The mind and your power have created doubt in oneself, and the echo chamber of our greatest sin is a lack of self-trust and is overwhelming to most people.

Trusting yourself is the first key to opening all that life has to offer. Society, your environment, job, friends, and even your family will put a cap on your life. Even worse, most people believe and accept the power these very anchors hold. Believing in oneself is pushed to the back burner while exercising life without guidance. Living life with high standards, discipline, and attention voided. Fear is the substitute, and lack of courage permeates without restraint. Change requires trust in oneself. A simple statement but challenging to exercise. Because the unknown is scary and triggers survival mechanics to establish safety guards.

We all heard this before; Life Is What We Make It. The truth is we do have the power to make life as blissful as we would like if we so chose. It takes power we have inside and the trust in ourselves to exercise life to reveal who we are every day through the challenges we seek. We have a natural survival cycle that operates our very existence, and we have an instinct to want to do more with our life. The conflict between the two is, for the most part, in constant struggle. Most people have chosen survival and comfort rather than trust in their ability to take on risks to achieve the life they deserve. The courage to stand firm on conviction, knowing that you will achieve your most significant dreams regardless of the obstacles and failures sure to come with risk, must be embraced for personal growth and adaptability to change.

The courage to move to gain knowledge in areas of your life that will nudge you forward constantly on your journey to your goals has to be daily. You must trust you can do this without question. You must know you can control your mind when the obstacles come, and the non-believers dismiss your passions. You must know in your heart and believe that your failures are the best education you can receive on your journey. Your attitude for all your efforts must be led with high standards. Accepting anything else will sure lead to doubt and self-sabotage. Allowing change to be exhilarating, seeking mentorship, positioning yourself around people with huge ambitions, and more brilliant than you in the areas of your life that require exercising with care by all accounts need to be persistent. The challenge every day becomes, can you stir your mind right and have the courage to be the best you can? Have you the trust in yourself to exercise your life diligently and win.