An Athletes Knowledge

Working with athletes of all levels requires special attention to the mind and building a solid foundation to achieve their best. The details that improve athletic performance can't be left out. The reality is that an athlete may get away with raw talent in terms of a particular competition level. However, the knowledge the athlete acquires while physically training in a high-caliber athletic performance system gives the athlete a leg up on the competition. This fact can't be understated.
Often questions posed by Fitness Impact's elite performance and skills coaches to youth and professional athletes are three essential questions.
These questions do you know what triple extensions are, do you know what your kinetic chain is, and do you know what your cylinder is and the function and the importance. These three factors are most important in building a superior athletic foundation. These essential factors must be ingrained in the athletes' minds and consistently trained in athletic movement.
An athlete is at a disadvantage without being taught these significant factors and not working on such details. To compete at a high level, the basic mechanics in athletic performance and attention to provide this knowledge to the athlete within a performance training system are crucial. Lack of expertise steadies the athlete in raw talent. Without understanding, the mind-body connection is out of sync. A well-formulated plan for the athlete within a tactical sports performance system can enhance God-given talent and skills. The adequate foundation allows the athlete to excel in athletic performance while preventing injuries. Attaching the mind with constructive and transferrable movement to sport is the equalizer. An athlete's knowledge opens the possibility of competing at the highest levels of competition.
Fitness Impact has a proven and tested sports performance training system that has professionally propelled more than three dozen athletes. The focal point of mental adaptation to physical stressors related to sports performance training is the conduit to exceptional performance in sport or activity utilizing skill and talents. Giving way to slow is fast in teaching and growing the correct athletic base allows an athlete to become an elite athlete. This crucial concept of an athlete's knowledge should not be lost on the coach teaching the athlete. The respect for the athlete from youth to professional must be at hand when teaching and training these athletes the knowledge must be worthy of their time and development. Athlete care is important as the mind can be fragile when not procured within a competitive learning system that enhances physical performance with a high level of cognition aptitude. Fitness Impact offers many free resources that improve athlete performance with a knowledge base, extending athlete care and securing an athlete's knowledge.