Sports Training Mask - Impact Performance Club
Sports Training Mask - Impact Performance Club

Elite Sports Training Mask

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This High Caliber Elite Sports Training Face Mask Helps Develop Oxygen Capacity That Enables Optimal Performance. Create The Ability To Perform At A High Level For Long Periods Without Running Outgas During Competition. Outlast The Game By Training With This Comfortable One Of A Kind Mask Developed For All Athletes, Fitness Enthusiast, And Outdoor Recreational Goer. Also, Take Comfort Knowing It Filters Pollution, Pollen, And Dusts To Make Breathing Easier. Take Deeper Breaths And Use Oxygen More Efficiently, All The While Keeping Dust-Mites Out! More Importantly, Keep Yourself Risk-Free Of Covid-19 A Mask That Helps During Intense Training. 


  • Contoured shape for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Reinforced Stitching 
  • Filter To Screen Out Sub-Micron Pollutants
  • Ideal For A Cyclist, Runners, Boxers, And All Endurance Athletes
  • Stay Risk-Free Of Covid-19 During Intense Training
  • Material: Hypo-Allergenic Neoprene
  • Includes Two Valves To Release Heat, Water Vapor, And Carbon Dioxide
  • Easy To Clean