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Heavy Duty Sports Training Sandbag

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This Heavy-Duty Sports Training Sandbag Is The Ultimate Training Partner. Take Your Conditioning To The Next Level With Dead Weight. This Heavy-Duty Sports Training Sand Bag Provides You The Dead Weight That Gives You The Ability To Perform At An Optimal Level. Take Your Strength And Conditioning Program To The Next Level With Several Exercises Using This Adjustable Sand Bag. Outdoor Or Indoor Training Allow Yourself The Perfect Training Tool.

Training With This Sandbag Teaches The Body To Use Its Core Stabilizers Effectively So That The Transfer Of Energy During Even The Most Complex Movement Patterns Can Take Place Effectively-Strong Handles Heavy Duty Stitching

Features:  exercise adjustable weight sandbag for intense heavy training.
Package Included:1 x Weightlifting sandbag encryption tear-resistant Oxford cloth +pvc clip net color: black package.